We're different.

We're a dance class. But that's not the reason students fall in love with our experience. Our classes are about confidence, empowerment, and growth. All qualities that translate outside of the studio. Your time with us is an investment into yourself. For your six-week workshop, everyone learns, grows, and dances together. Be fierce, be sweet, be sexy, be tough, be who you want to be, and together, we will support you.  

Six classes. One hour each week. $100.


Feel Good

We'll boogie and break it down but in our classes you'll also build confidence, feel good in your own skin, get a great workout, and meet new people. 

Don't Stress

Our classes are ideal for those new to dance, but experienced dancers are more than welcome. We take it slow and teach the basics. 

In Action

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Class Styles

Our signature class. Learn routines to Beyoncé songs inspired by her music videos. Sometimes we're gangsta', sometimes we're jazzy, sometimes we're sexy. Connect with your inner Sacha Fierce. 

Good Girl X Bad Girl is taught in the same style as our original workshop but will bring a variety of music and routines from divas like Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, and Missy Elliot and pop princesses like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Britney Spears.

In Girls / Guys Night Out you won't be learning a routine. The hour will be filled with dance moves and grooves in a variety of styles strengthening your foundation of dance. These are the moves you'd put to use on the dance floor. Gentlemen, join us! 

This class is suited to those with previous dance experience or for our long time students who need a new challenge. Choreography is taught at a faster pace and there will be a new routine each week.

Class Structure 

This is a progressive workshop which means over the six weeks we'll work on the same song for two classes before moving on. This allows time for at-home practice and a more comfortable pace for learning. The second week additional choreography is added to the song and it is practiced in full. In total you'll learn routines to three different songs. Class capacity is limited so we can have an open and comfortable environment and provide individualized instruction when needed.

What to Wear

You'll be moving a lot so workout gear and comfortable shoes are needed. Bring heels if you're in the mood to be extra sassy. Take along a water bottle and take a sip whenever you need it.

Private Bookings

We would love to help you plan a private class to celebrate! We can customize the experience based on your group's needs and preferences so please get in touch to set it up. 

Break out of the typical team building exercises and break it down with us instead. Whether it be a lunchtime workout at your office or full studio experience, we'll work with you to create something your entire team will enjoy. We've worked with several organizations to support their efforts in team building, confidence building, and creative exercises.

We work with brides and grooms to create a very special first dance and can completely customize to your request. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can coordinate their moves with us, if they like. 

We are happy to customize an experience for you so please contact us here if you are interested in working together.