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Dance for fun.
For fitness.



Join the movement.

Join other new dancers for good beats and fun moves while sweatin’ it out as a team. Class with us is judgement-free and a damn good time. 



$105 — Six weeks


$20 — One class 


How it works

We split choreography for each song into part one and part two. In the progressive workshop you’ll learn three songs over six weeks. When you drop-in you can choose which classes you want to attend.

The choreography focuses on different things each song to round out your experience.

The Workshop:

When you buy a workshop you are ensured a spot in class and learn all the songs we are teaching this session in a six-week progressive format (1 hour a week for six weeks). This is perfect for newer dancers who want to sign up and get dancing.

The Drop-in:

When you buy any of the drop-in packages you have the flexibility to join us based on your schedule and class availability.

Join the community