We're about connection. 

RSVP 33 started in 2013 to help bring people together and build community. It was a different format back then but we have always had the objective of fostering community. 

Our classes offer an opportunity for women and men to dance for fun in a social and comfortable atmosphere. There's no performance or competition component and our main goal is to have you feeling amazing about yourself after you've worked up a sweat in class. Your pack is with you for the ride as you sweat through the six-weeks together so make friends, crack a joke, and enjoy the process.  

RSVP to your next session. We look forward to dancing with you. 


Vancouver Instructors


Kevin Fraser
Instructor and choreographer

Kevin is a former House of Dangerkat protege and has competed in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Helsinki, and China. Kevin is a master of many styles including jazz funk, vogue, waacking, dancehall, house, and urban contemporary and has trained and worked with the most notable professionals in his specialties. In his class you'll find his sassiness inspiring and fun while his teaching style is perfect for those new to dance.


Calida Kuzek
Instructor and choreographer

Calida began dancing when she was four years old at a small studio in her hometown of Salmon Arm. She started with ballet but fell in love will all forms of dance. Since moving to Vancouver she has danced professionally for commercial contracts and live performances. In class with Calida you'll get an intense workout, as she's one to keep you moving and with her warm energy, you'll feel like you made a new friend. 

Cara Lee Hrdlitschka
Instructor and choreographer

Cara Lee has developed her talent at renowned studios in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris. After returning to Vancouver after finishing a contract at The Moulin Rouge in Paris, Cara Lee is signed with the agency da Costa Talent Management. Expect a feel-good class with Cara Lee as she'll guide you through the routines with a smile on your face. When she isn’t dancing, you can catch her teaching a spin class at Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, or a Barre class at Barre Fitness. 

Sarah Tumaliuan 
Instructor and choreographer

Growing up, Sarah had an insatiable appetite for dance which led her to explore and master a variety of styles. Having preformed on stages including the 2015 Juno Awards, she is no stranger to inspiring energy from those around her. When you're in class with Sarah, her warm personality will make you feel at ease as you challenge yourself. Sarah finds delight in sharing dance with others to enhance well-being, build confidence, and explore creativity.


Behind the Scenes

Saschie MacLean.JPG

Saschie MacLean
Program Director

Saschie's experience in dance has been purely recreational. With a background in acrobatics as a national level competitive cheerleader, she discovered dance as an adult after her knees decided back flips weren't going to be an option anymore. Professionally, she has a background in communications and branding and has worked with agencies and businesses in Vancouver and New York. She is always keen to meet students, so stop her and say hi, ask questions, or give feedback if you see her pop into your class. 

Roman Magbanuajpg

Roman Magbanua
Creative Director and Instructor

Roman grew up with dance all his life. Enamoured with the connection between movement and sound, he trained in dance as a way to build that connection and centre himself. He loves the energy dance can give you, both as a performer or as an audience member. He has always used dance as a way to speak when he can't find the words, which is an awful lot, as someone who loves to talk.