Behind the Scenes

Saschie MacLean.JPG

Saschie MacLean
Program Director

Saschie's experience in dance has been purely recreational. With a background in acrobatics as a national level competitive cheerleader, she discovered dance as an adult after her knees decided back flips weren't going to be an option anymore. Professionally, she has a background in communications and branding and has worked with agencies and businesses in Vancouver and New York. She is always keen to meet students, so stop her and say hi, ask questions, or give feedback if you see her pop into your class. 

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Roman Magbanua
Creative Director and Instructor

Roman grew up with dance all his life. Enamoured with the connection between movement and sound, he trained in dance as a way to build that connection and centre himself. He loves the energy dance can give you, both as a performer or as an audience member. He has always used dance as a way to speak when he can't find the words, which is an awful lot, as someone who loves to talk.