Wow, team. It is an incredible honour to have been named to this list. It was only two years ago I threw up that Facebook post inviting friends to come dance with me. And here we are, well over a thousand students later and three cities in Canada. 

Evaan Kheraj

Evaan Kheraj

While our HQ team works hard, I can't say that it feels like work, for me at least. Sometimes you'll see me sneak into a corner of class with my laptop and I'll be doing a task that is not nearly as fun as actually participating in class, but simply being in the studio environment, surrounded by you all pushing yourselves, laughing, and progressing; it erases the feeling of work and motivates me. I feel beyond thankful to share something that started off so personal with an incredible community filled with many, many people who inspire me on the daily. And with a top-notch team who makes this all come together. 

Here's to more dancing, more fun, and continued growth! 

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