New Flexible Passes

Hey team, 

We want to let you know about a new option for your classes. As you know, our standard service is you buy your six-class pass and you pick the workshop you want to join. But now, for those of you who have taken a full workshop with us before, you can now pick your "main" class and you can also have the flexibility to jump into other ones should you need or want to.

This is ideal for those of you who want a challenge. Perhaps you're ready to learn choreography at a faster pace in which case we suggest you modify your schedule to be week-two routines only. You can hop into a week-two Beyonce Grown Woman routine, then take a week-two Wild Thoughts routine in GoodGirlxBadGirl. You'll push yourself by learning what was taught the previous week in addition to that week's choreography. #gettinit

We also realize that we have a bunch of bad-ass ladies and gents in our classes and sometimes being a bad-ass requires a late night at work or a commitment here and there. You can now set up your schedule around your existing appointments. 

Please note, that this is only valid for returning students. Why? A couple of reasons — with so many of our students being brand new to dance we want to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. Our instructors teach slightly differently, even if it's the same routine. And sometimes some classes learn more or less choreography than others. Sticking to one workshop gives you the comfort of familiar faces, but also allows you to build a more solid foundation. After you've done at least one six week workshop, you're free to take advantage of this too. 

Our returning students are also already familiar with our two-week format where we teach part one of a routine in one class and then review and add on in another class. It's at the discretion of the student to switch in to a week-two routine, which means you could be walking into a class where you're playing catch up. We don't that feeling to be overwhelming for those of you who are still finding your groove. 

Now how do you do this ? 

  1. Sign up for your main class. Register as per usual.

  2. Email us any class you need to substitute for another. Send us the date and time.

Unfortunately, our back end system doesn't yet allow you to do this for yourselves so give us a shout and we'll take care of it for you. 

A couple other things you should know

  1. The one-class make up policy still applies. You have to early cancel (12 hours notice) to reschedule a class. That means you can't just no-show to your workshop and make all the classes up later.

  2. There will be a limit of 3-5 spaces in each class (depending on studio location) of these flex passes. The majority of each class will be in the standard workshop format.

We're excited about this new format and hope it helps with everyone's schedules. We're happy to have your feedback and so appreciate of the passionate and fun community we have. 

See you in the studio!