33 Coffees

Saschie MacLean 33 Coffees

Over the summer, we get a bit of an RSVP 33 break with our reduced schedules. And with this additional space, Roman and I were reflecting about how incredible this community is. Many of you know I started RSVP 33 as a place for me to heal, but it's so much more than that now. 

I get to see many of you in class, but aside from a few high-fives we don't often get to chat. So, I've started this series, where I'm taking 33 Coffee dates with students in our community. The only prerequisite is you have to have taken a class before and be ok with me blogging about our date. 

I'm still scheduling dates so DM us on insta if you're game! I'll probably do a 2-3 each week so I appreciate your patience in scheduling :)