33 Coffees | Fernanda Villalobos


Fernanda Villalobos


It was a sunny afternoon when I sat down with Fernanda Villalobos at Nemesis Coffee for my first of this series. After adequately equipping ourselves with sugar (their chocolate chip cookies are some of my favs and are the size of someone’s face) we took a seat in the sunshine and got to know each other.

Fernanda and I quickly bonded with our newlywed status and my recent visit to her home town of Mexico City. We whirled through what we did for work (she is in a fast-paced role in logistics) our go-to taco order (al pastor) and the woes of the wedding planning process and how good it felt to have it over.

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Quick Facts

Occupation: Logistics Coordinator

First Routine: Run the World with Hannah

Her First RSVP 33 Class

Fernanda had danced growing up and had hopes of being a professional dancer until she had a knee injury that dampened those aspirations. She continued to dance for fun and used to go to classes with her mom. Since moving to Vancouver she hadn’t been to a class so she was really excited to reconnect with something she used to love. She said she felt so much happier with dance in her life and shared that when she would speak to her mom in Mexico, even she noticed this new found joy.


As a self-described shy person Fernanda said she was surprised how open she was in class. If she had a question, she would ask it. Whereas in normal life she would consider herself quiet and unlikely to speak up.

What does community mean to you?

Being in a group where you feel accepted and comfortable to be yourself

I love that after losing dance, Fernanda was able to find her way back to it. Dance is always one of those things that at any stage of life is something people can come back to; that’s what happened to me. I danced for fun in my early twenties and after a few years, I drifted away from it. But, as I’ve shared about before, when I needed it, it was there.

While I did take a few notes during our meeting, it was great to take some time outside of the studio to connect with someone from our community. Thanks Fernanda for being my first coffee date and I look forward to sharing more of these moments with you all.