Four Tips to Picking Up Choreography Faster

The more comfortable you get with learning the moves, the more of a chance you have to add your own style and flavour to the routine. Playing with character and style is what gives the moves more meaning. It’s your chance to channel that persona that you may not always be able to connect with.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Listen to the song in advance of the class

Here’s an easy one. Being familiar with the song can help you catch the tricky musicality that we may throw at you. Feeling the tempo will help you gauge where the movements will land when you’re being taught and singing the lyrics will help you keep rhythm.

Do it up big

Small moves leave room for confusion with your body. As Hannah says, “wrong and strong!” Doing the moves big will help your muscle memory and if you happen to be missing it, you’ll know and be able to correct it quicker before it becomes a bad habit. Extend those arms. Dip low. When the music turns on, you’ll default to what you practiced so learning the moves as big as you can make them will help you lock it in. Plus, it’s a better work out.

Don’t stop

When we split into groups, and as you cheer on those on the dance floor, take advantage of that time to mark through the routine.

Attend week one and two

You have an advantage with week two. Drilling week one let’s it sit in your body and allows you to tweak your positioning and style. As you learn the new-new, try maintaining the attitude you already developed in week one. Putting it all together is a great challenge for your memory and will keep getting easier as you continue.

Have a fab week, team!