Goodbye RSVP 33...

As some of you know, RSVP 33 started after I lost my little sister, Chantal. In these 4.5 years, it’s helped me heal. At first, it was being in the class itself. But ultimately it helped me find a purpose greater than my own pain.

That purpose has been to give others a way to discover what it is they need, devoid of distractions and noise and filled with support and encouragement. We feel so honoured you choose to spend your time with us to recharge, escape, celebrate… any and all of it.

We’ve always believed that this is a place of transformation, within yourself physically as well as mentally. And, in the spirit of growth it’s time for us to say hello to our next evolution.

Formation Studio.

This community will have it’s own home located in vibrant Mount Pleasant. Draw a diagonal line through the block from where we currently operate out of One Thousand Rivers and you’d be there. We’re literally one block — or a three minute walk — away from the very first studio we ever ran a class in.

Whether you’ve danced with us since 2015, have dropped in a couple of times, or still have yet to take a class, we are thrilled to continue this journey with you. We’re excited to provide this community with an even better experience.

RSVP 33 (website, IG, internet identity) will evolve into Formation Studio when we officially open. Your current accounts, classes, bookings or packages with us will all transition over. We’ll take care of you.

Formation Studio will open its doors towards the end of the summer. In the meantime we’ll keep you posted as we have some more exciting changes to announce. Program operations will remain the same until otherwise noted. And in the meantime, we’ll see you in class!